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25 июня 2020
Episode 8: Food for skin

  • youthful -молодой, юный
  • straight - прямой
  • a jar - банка
  • to pop up - появляться
  • the leafy greens - зелень
  • a celery - сельдерей
A beautiful, glowing shiny youthful skin, who wants it? Well, everyone, I guess!

How to get it? There are many ways for that, straight and so. Expensive and very cheap. Starting from the skincare product and a cream, which can cost 300 dollars for 1 small jar, holy cow! And finishing with a plastic surgery, which can make you look like 15 even if you actually become 50 next month.

But let me share with you one small trick which costs nothing, but helps you a lot with your skin. I'm talking about the food! Everything you put inside pops up outside immediately. So, prepare to listen to the list of 10 top products you shall eat every day to be as beautiful as you truly deserve!

  1. papaya

  2. limes/lemons/oranges

  3. dark leafy greens

  4. wild blueberries

  5. celery juice

  6. sweet potato

  7. bananas

  8. apples

  9. cucumber

  10. hibiscus
Try this tip starting from today and share with me!