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18 июня 2020
Episode 7: How to love workouts

  • to fall in love - влюбляться
  • to stock - хранить
  • a dumbbell - гантеля
  • a resistance band - резинка
  • to inspire - вдохновлять
  • to gamify - геймифицировать
  • a flat belly - плоский живот
  • a grown booty - "подросшая" попа (сленг! Обычный перевод booty - добыча)
We all know that sport and regular workouts are very important for our health, but let's be honest - we hate to do that!

Very few people are really enjoying hard intense sweaty workouts, am I right? But unfortunately without regular physical activity we will not get to 100 year's birthday! How to make yourself fall in love with workouts? I have prepared for you 5 easy tricks to try!

1. Visualize yourself fit and healthy. Make even the image of the perfect yourself in Photoshop, it works really well!

2. Choose your sport, which fits you and your lifestyle. Yoga, jogging, golf - try them all and choose the best one!

3. Stock some sports equipment at home. Yoga mat, a pair of dumbbells, a Fitball, resistance bands. If you have them around, it will help you to stick to your sport routine.

4. Pick a role model for inspiration. I personally follow 2 brilliant ladies-bloggers on Instagram who inspire me everyday to perfect my body. Choose someone as well!

5. Gamify the workouts! Offer yourself 10 dollars for each sport session completed. For example, last month I did 5 workouts per week, so at the end of the month, I have found 200 bucks in my secret pocket! Wow! Flat belly, grown booty and 200 dollars for a new dress - that is how it works! Yeah!

So, try these tricks and let me know about your progress!